Finding Our Roots

A Journey Back to the Basics of Life

Finding our roots.
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A chronicle of a lifestyle change from corporate life to country life
After several years of the well-paid corporate life, we are sick and tired. Sick and tired of long hours at work, of a long and dangerous commute in rush-hour traffic, of digging a hole with plastic money, of killing ourselves with easy fast food or huge restaurant portions and of being rushed and stressed and angry. We demand free time, happiness and a simpler lifestyle!

This journal is a tool for us to track our progress and, since we will be publishing the results of our project, as motivation to stay on track. We plan to share our thoughts, our plans, our successes and our failures.

Comments are welcome, especially from those who have already made this change or are thinking about making this change. Your thoughts, suggestions and experiences will only serve to keep us motivated and on track.