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geekgirlie in finding_roots

Stay Away from iKitchen!

On January 4, I ordered a Waring Pro Meat Grinder from iKitchen (who happens to be a Yahoo merchant). The total with discounts and with shipping was $68.34. I thought this was an awesome deal because these meat grinders run for $89.99 to $99.99 retail. The order confirmation email that was sent to me once my order was placed stated that orders are usually shipped within 5 business days. I thought this was reasonable.

On January 17, I had not received my Meat Grinder nor had I received any shipping confirmation from iKitchen, so I e-mailed them about my order status. On January 18, they e-mailed me back apologizing for the delay and said that they expected the item to come in the end of the week and they would get it out to me ASAP.

On January 31, I emailed them again inquiring about the status of my order because I still had not received it and my credit card had not yet been charged. I waited and thought about this for a couple of hours that day and decided it would be best to cancel the order and buy the meat grinder locally.

On February 1, they responded to my first email from January 31. Again, they apologized for the delay and said they were still waiting for the shipment from their distributor. I disregarded this as I figured they would soon get my other email cancelling my order.

On February 5, they responded to my second email from January 31. They told me that they cancelled my order and had applied no charges to my credit card. They offered me a 10% discount off my next purchase. I certainly will not be doing business with them again.

In reading reviews on Yahoo about this company, it appears that most everyone who ordered at the same time I did had had similar experiences. I posted my own review on that site in hopes that it would deter someone else from making the same mistake I did.

I bought the meat grinder locally at Lowes for $89.99 + sales tax and - the hassle.


June 2009

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