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geekgirlie in finding_roots

House Plans

From fenrirwulf


Though I of course would make some changes. Lofts are nice and all, but when you are on a budget and working in a small area, I don't understand giving up the living space. I would also add 5foot to the long side so that the counter that divides the kitchen and eating area could also have a bar added to it. I would use the 5 ectra feet on the opposite wall to create real sized stairs and a walk in pantry. I would also move the bathroom to be beside the kitchen so that there will be less plumbing to do. There would also be change the roof line. I would have one large dormer on the back to make room for a 3/4 bathroom on the second floor, right above the bathroom on the main floor. I would also have 2 regular size dormer windows on the front to enhance both the look of the house, and allow more light into the upstairs. To cut down on initial construction costs, the second floor would be roughed in and left as a single large area. This would serve as our bedroom until such time as we needed to throw up some interior walls to break the area into standard rooms.
I would also have a poured concrete walk in basement. Since it is going to be in the mountains anyway, we are going to excavate some of the site for the house, so making the jump to a full size basement will increase living area by 50% at only a small increase to the overall cost. Like the upstairs, we would just get it to the point where is was barely habitable and improve it into actually living space as budget allowed. There would also be a 3/4 bath in the basement, along with a mud room and laundry facilities. Life on a farm can get rather dirty, so it is a good idea to have a small room to change and shower in to minimize the area you track the farm 'mess' into.
I am extremely close to just taking the plunge and buying the plans so I can begin putting together a materials list and get a estimated cost of the project.

Katrina Cottage

Another small housing website


The two-story wasn't bad. It is estimated to cost 27-50k, depending on the model. It was just interesting because they designed it to be added onto in the future.

Here is a news article regarding it:


First Day Cottage


Another interesting site. Claims the house kits are designed to be put together by 2 people over 15 weekends.

The kits are pretty inclusive. They even provide the nails, but they only cover getting the house shell water tight. Once that is done, you still have wiring and plumbing and such still to go.

I sat down over Christmas and talked to my dad about small house designs. He said the old farmhouses in our area were two 16x16ft rooms per floor with a hall way in between. The original Firstday Cottage extended to 40' would be pretty similar. That will give you 8' between rooms for the stairs, hallway, and bathroom.

So from looking at the cost of the 16x40 of 35,800, throw in another 1000 for shipping, and 10k for a poured basement, you are looking at a 1920 sqft house for less than 50k, not counting the wiring, plumbing, etc, not included in the kit. I have no estimates for the cost of those.


June 2009

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